Design and Permit Process

Build your custom home or addition

At Chaffee Carpentry we can work with your architect, or we can provide you with custom, quality blueprints, floor plans, and detail drawings at reasonable prices through our in-house designer. We have the capability to both design and build.

Let us manage your construction project from the initial permit to final inspection. We operate in a timely manner, keeping you informed every step of the way.

SoftPlan Software

We currently utilize SoftPlan Architectural Design Software, the building industry’s leading residential computer aided design (CAD) software package. With SoftPlan, we have the flexibility to create complex, custom drawings.

We can quickly and easily create accurate floor plans, cross-sections, elevations, framing plans, detail drawings, and site plans.

Our Designer

Chaffee Carpentry, Inc. and Afab Enterprises, Inc. have worked together for over 30 years designing new custom homes and additions. They have designed new custom homes and additions for many of our customers. We will meet with you each step of the way to review the plans to ensure the plans reflect all your wishes and ideas for your new home or addition.

Permit Process

We will pull all necessary building permits and oversee all the Building Departments inspections. Most of the towns/cities are processing building permits online.

When applying for a construction permit customers will need to provide a certified plot plan showing the proposed building project on the property along with architectural/engineered plans.

We will provide the building department with all the necessary license/insurance information.

The permit application along with all attachments is then reviewed by the Fire Department, Conservation, Board of Health, DPW and the Building Inspector.

This process takes about 2 weeks. The Building Inspector and all the mechanical inspectors will sign off on your permit as we move along through construction as a check to make sure all work is being done according to the current MA Building Codes.

A final certificate of occupancy will be provided to you upon completion of your project.